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The New Role Model

Vision must be clear and far-reaching







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Mr. Aon on Achieving Greatness:
 Interview with a young Business Tycoon on how he developed and established his company from the ground up for the past 15 years through his passion and positive attitude in terms of his vision in the business.

I’m Mr. Sanhaphat Tuntithanasap, 39 years old, graduated from Suan Dusit Rajabhat University faculty of Business Administration. I came from a middle class family with three brothers.  I’m proud to have a very caring and supportive parents which makes our family relationship warmth and intimate. They did not forced me to choose the path according to their will instead they let me choose the career in accordance to my passion and desire. I have to make the right decision and I decided to enter to an inexpensive university but renowned for the opportunity to work in the future

It all started in Korat, my parent’s province. I usually go home during holidays. My mother came up an idea and suggested why not try to sell ceramics in Dan Kwian, also called “pottery village” which is famous for its unique ceramics. When I had progress in selling in every university, I transfer to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok and the earning goes well for three years which my business originally started.

Currently, I have three major business categories. First is the real estate, second is the automotive services and thirdis the IT business andmy overall general value is about 500 million baht. 

During my free time I normally play golf and I love to travel.

I want to thank my previous employers who gave me knowledge and wisdom to start my business. I used to work as a clerk and had the opportunity to involve in the culture of organization with positive and clear vision which I gained more experience and skills. Then I worked as a credit officer for used cars in Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited (TBANK) formerly known as “Ekachart Finance Company Limited” for two years. I dealt with every situation that the customers were into and familiarized the process. Understanding client’s circumstances and analyzing the problems exposed me to the idea of auto loans. 

As a new entrepreneur, some challenges arise from the automotive industry. Keep in mind that you should be confident with your product. Importantly, the customer is satisfied and I don’t want them to feel that they were deceived. One of the challenges is they want to buy a car with quality. Since my business is used cars I need to make sure that it’s not just a used car, still I want to sell with quality. First thing that I want to establish from the customer is their trust. I want to provide good customer service not just the idea to sell. The key indication of business is to satisfy your customer

I’m happy that everything goes well both used cars and real estate business. I can say that it is nearly 100% good management. I’m receiving positive feedback that our customer is having a peace of mind to live. At this moment, I don’t have any plans to expand neither shape another branches. I’m satisfied and contented with my team. Customer satisfaction and after sale service as well as good management is the critical success factor. There’s long way to learn.

Today, business is not about just taking an order. You have to nurture a win-win relationship and focus on making them so important and special that they will not only want your product or service, but will recommend others to you. Treat them like a valued- partner and with respect. Leave your customers feeling happy after an interaction with your company and they will likely not just be repeat buyers, but also vocal advocates for your company's services to other potential clients.