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Legal Consultancy

We provide assistance in regards to the interpretation and application of labour laws as well as other labour related matters with the help of our well-experienced legal advisor equipped with professional knowledge. ECOT want to make sure that our member receive adequate advice and information mainly HR and Employment Relations matters

Advice can be given in different ways either by meeting with our legal advisor, through phone calls or consultation via e-mail and through fax.

Industrial Relation Consultancy

Aside from legal consultancy, members can also obtain advice on how to deal with various industrial relations issue that contour between labour and management on employer-employee relations, employment terms and conditions, union management negotiation, safety and health management issues and other employment issues such as industry trend in bonuses, Competitive Base Wage System, medical and social securities benefits etc.

Training Programmes

Endeavors to flourish human resource in the enterprises, training opportunities has provided to all members in all levels in executive development, human resources and management. We offer both generic and specialized training courses in occupational safety and health and industrial relation. We develop customize training that is suitable for members requirement through trainer networks. This initiates to address members need aiming to build up moral and teamwork

Offers innovative and proactive services, joint – training certificate in Human Resource is established with the Ministry of Labour to provide a good pool of knowledgeable personnel to come across the substantial demands of business and industry

ECOT has worked with national media to promote ECOT member companies social responsible activities – a friendly workplace for workers and society

Scholarship and Grants for Overseas Training

ECOT continuously assisting its members in mobilizing scholarships and grants for overseas training, field visits and apprenticeship. Our major partners include The Human Resource and Industry Development Association (HIDA Japan) and the International Organization of Employers (IOE) which recently endorsed ECOT as the official representation of Employers in Thailand

Information Service

Members can access anywhere online such as Facebook or in our website for any substantial information in connection with industrial relations matters, labour relations news and update, labour legislation, industrial trend, employment best practices as well as human resource management and human resources development and many more.