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About ECOT

Employers’ Confederation of Thailand (ECOT) was established in 1976 of the Labour Relations Act B.E 2518 according to the 1975 Labour Relation Act, known as the principal Employers’ Organisation representing Thai employers nationwide and continue living the history of the oldest and longest Employers’ Organisation in Thai Kingdom.

ECOT has been an active member of the International Organisation Employers since 1989. Recognize and support by IOE as the INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Organisation of employers in Thailand through its membership. Representative of ECOT continuously participating in numerous technical meetings of the International Labour Organisation and other international Organisation workshops. 



The Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Thai Industries Association, which represent the nation's industrial and commercial interest, jointly agreed to constitute a bureau for the pursuit of business and industrial studies. This new bureau would be able to support the activities of the two organizations and facilitate the achievement of their objectives more efficiently.

A meeting between the two organizations was subsequently held on November 17, 1974, this resolution established the office for business and industrial studies was passed. The Board of this office comprised of both representatives of the founding organizations, and the objective we're purposeful to be as follows;

1) To promote co-operation among business in various fields.
2) To promote understanding and co-operation between the private sector operators and the government.
3) To promote good labour relation
4) To promote studies on private-sector activities and effective business management.

During this period labour problem were arise, and many of the Bureau’s member were affected. Workers were submitting demands and calling strikes. In 1975 the Labour relations Act was passed to provide moral law and necessary procedures to address this labour problem.

The Act stipulated that both worker and employers should establish organizations and unions to represents both sides, employers and employees, in the search for improved relations and an end to disputes.

In accordance with the Labour Relation Act ,the Board of Directors of the Bureau of Business and Industrial Studies thus resolved in its meeting number 1/2518 of May 19,1975 to form employers' association. The Bureau of Business and Industrial would act as a central co-ordinating body for these various associations. 

Names of the 7 ECOT’s member who participated in the organizations registration:

1)  Mr. Ob Vasurat; President; Pharmaceutical Employers’ Association
2)  Police Lieutenant Cham Manutham; President; Electrical Appliances Employers’ Association
3)  Lieutenant Vanchai Bulakul; President; Pattaya Hotel Employers’ Association
4)  Mr. Rangsi Cheevavetch; President; Lighter Owners Association of Thailand
5)  Dr. Chaijudh Kamasuta ;President; Thai Contractor Employers’ Association
6)  Mr. Vallop Limpiti; President ; Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Employers’ Association
7)  Mr. Sujin Benjarongkakul ; President; Bangkok Hotel Employers’ Association


The following are ECOT’s elected Chairman;

Mr. Ob Wasurat 1977 - 1979
Police Lieutenant Chan Manootham 1979 – 1981
Mr. Banchert Chonwichan 1981 – 1983
Mr. Banchert Chonwichan 1983 – 1985
Mr. Udom Wityasirinant 1985 – 1989
Mr. Chairayut Wasurat 1989 - 1993
Mr. Thiwa Thanesuan 1993 – 1995
Mr. Anantachai Kunanantakul 1995 – 2003
Mr. Jit Temchareonsuk 2003 – 2007
Mr. Anantachai Kunanantakul 2007 – 2014
Mr. Ekasit Kunanantakul 2014 up to present