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  • To assist the employers in obtaining employment best practice & intensifying productivity and competitiveness as well as their employees’ quality of work life
  • To provide members the best service as employers’ organisation comprising legal consultancy on labour related matter, industrial relation consultancy, training & development programs, scholarship and grants for overseas training and information service
  • To advocate understanding and cooperation between government and private sectors as well as proactively facilitating tripartite labour relation; government-employers-workers
  • To develop international networking w/ prominent world agencies & exchange of reliable management principles among the member companies and relevant partners for progress
  • To promote business forum of good corporate governance for sustainable development and social responsible workplace for the benefits of members
  • To cater technical training on labour standard, quality management & general workplace 
  • To represent Thai employers at the national and international forum particularly at the international labour conference and international organization of employers.

Labour related law

  • Japanese SMEs head to Thailand under joint initiative

    Japanese SMEs head to Thailand under joint initiative More than 700 Japanese companies under a Thailand-Japan joint effort to promote small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have started real investment in Thailand this year, says Nangnoi Wetayapong 17 January 2017 ....
  • Employers are forewarned not to employ children

    Employers are forewarned not to employ children  The Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Mr. Sumet Mahosot stated that the Labour Protection Act 2541 prohibits hiring a child under 18 years of age working in dangerous jobs and in prohibited places like running a slaughterhouse. 17 January 2017 ....
  • Increase In Minimum Wage in Thailand Effective This Year

    Increase In Minimum Wage in Thailand Effective This Year  The Department of labour Protection and Welfare, Ministry of Labour and Employers stated that the minimum wage to the employee under the new rates has been implemented since the start of this year, January 1 2017. January 1 2017 ....
  • Equal rights for foreign workers

    Equal rights for foreign workers  Recently meeting was held by the Ministry of Labour emphasized mainly in Principles of equality without discrimination which they aim to provide equal rights and legal protection both foreign and Thai workers. January  2017 ....


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    Safety Officer (Supervisor)

     Safety Officer (Supervisor) SIX SENSE YAO NOI ,June 23-24, 2016
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    Energy Saving Training COURSE

     Energy Saving Training Course CH.Karnchang PCL.,June 21, 2016

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